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Looking to become a vendor? Great! We love helping new members grow their business here in Las Cruces. Take a look at our Become a Vendor page to learn more!

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Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions!

  • Where is the Market located?
    Our market is in Downtown Las Cruces on Main St., starting from Bowman Ave all the way up to seven blocks to the Main St. Roundabout!
  • How can I become a vendor at FCMLC?
    Visit our "Become a Vendor" page here! Or Visit our Contact Page.
  • What can I sell at FCMLC?
    We are a producers-only market so everything sold at FCMLC is made or grown by the vendors themselves. So anything grown or made by you is a possible product for FCMLC.
  • How can my food truck sell at FCMLC?
    Submit an application and we will let you know if we are currently accepting your classification of food, and if we have space availability within the market. If not, you may be added to our waiting list.
  • Can I set up a table/booth about my product/business/organization?
    We allow educational and nonprofit groups to set up an informational booth once a month. Simply contact us to register your organization and set up a quick orientation to be able to schedule with us.
  • Can I perform at FCMLC?
    We welcome musicians and/or performers of all ages from Doña Ana County to perform at FCMLC! We simply require a filled-out application and an orientation beforehand.
  • Can I bring my pet to the Market?
    We are a pet friendly market that strives to have a safe environment for both the pets and the people. We ask for pets to be leashed and for owners to clean up after their pets.
  • What kind of products are available at FCMLC?
    We have an array of products which include: Seasonal produce/nuts Honey Breads/Pastries Coffee Live Plants CBD Products Bath & Body Products Soaps Candles Incenses Unique Home/Garden Decor items Jewelry Handmade ceramics Furniture Custom-made design pieces Art/Photography pieces & other creative products !
  • Do you have a map of where I can find my favorite vendor(s)?
    Yes! Visit our Directory here!
  • Do vendors accept SNAP/EBT?
    Most of our vendors do accept our SNAP tokens which you can withdraw from your EBT card at our EBT Booth located in front of our office building, on the corner of Main St. and Las Cruces Ave.
  • How do I volunteer at FCMLC?
    Send us an email stating your interest in being a volunteer with us!
  • What time of year is FCMLC open?
    Our market is open all year long! Open every Wednesday and Saturday morning, rain or shine!
  • Where are the bathrooms at FCMLC?
    Behind the Rio Grande theatre, off of Water St, is a public restroom building and we also offer porta potties near the Plaza de Las Cruces
  • Where can I park ?
    There are several free parking lots between Church St. and Water St. on Las Cruces St, Organ Ave, and Griggs Ave. Take a look at the map here!
  • How should I prepare for the FCMLC ?
    We always recommend bringing: Cash Re-usable bags for your purchases Comfortable shoes Appropriate clothing (jackets, hats, etc) Sunscreen/hats Las Cruces tends to have very strong winds in the Spring so its chilly yet sunny. Summer will bring rain infrequently but generally the heat is something to prepare well for! Make sure to protect yourself from the sun and stay hydrated! If you want to beat the heat, come earlier to the market. Fall is the locals’ favorite season, not too hot, not too cold and brings in all of our favorite produce. In Winter, we’ll have very cold mornings but once the sun comes up high in the sky, the weather becomes enjoyable.
  • Do all vendors take card payments?
    Not all vendors take card payments, so we recommend bringing cash or withdrawing from the ATM.
  • Is there an ATM?
    There is an ATM located outside at the Sunflower Bank on Water Street, behind the Museum of Nature & Science
  • Is there an office for FCMLC ?
    Yes ! We are located at 221 N Main St, Suite B.
  • Who’s in charge of FCMLC?
    FCMLC is nonprofit organization run by a Board of Directors.
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